Taco Bell Wi-Fi

Taco Bell offers Free Wi-Fi access to all its customers at Taco Bell restaurant. Learn how to connect to the Taco Bell Wi-Fi to stay connected to the internet.

How to connect to Taco Bell Wi-Fi?

  1. Open Settings and Turn on Wi-Fi ·
  2. Connect to the “Taco Bell WiFi” Wi-Fi network.
  3. Click Connect and you will be connected to the Taco Bell Wi-Fi.

If Taco Bell Wi-Fi network is not available, please contact Taco Bell customer service for assistance.

If Taco Bell Wi-Fi landing page doesn’t pop up

If you are not automatically redirected to the Taco Bell Wi-Fi landing page, try one of the following methods:

  • Open a browser and go to any web page such as www.tacobell.com, and you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi landing page.
  • If above method doesn’t work, clear your browser cache and open or http://captive.apple.com.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings and select Taco Bell Wi-Fi and click Forget This Network and Turn Auto-Join off and try again.

How fast is Taco Bell Wi-Fi?

The internet speed may vary from restaurant to restaurant subject to bandwidth availability.

While most Taco Bell locations offer Free Wi-Fi, some operations may choose to disable the service and each location may have their own limitations and terms of use.

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